Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh My Mascaras!

Today I decided to go through all of my mascaras and pick out both the best & worst to share with you all. I photographed all of the wands (because I think thats more important than the packaging). So here they are!

* I didn't group them in any way, its just how I lined them up.

So starting off with Set 1. My Great Lash provides decent length, but not any volume. I use this mascara when I'm sick and my eyes run. It provides a natural lash look, and the waterproof is a bonus. I don't, however, like it for daily use. Now, my Virtuos is another story. Its very dry, which leads to weighed down lashes. I wouldn't say it clumps, but it does provide a similar hard-to-explain look. It provides little length, and some volume - but the fact that it weighs down my curls is a no go for me.

My Pulse Perfection (a vibrating mascara) does an amazing job in length and a pretty decent job in volume. I liked the mascara a lot better after it "aged" a bit. I bought my 1001 Lashes in Belgium after reading what its supposed to do, which of course is to make it seem like you have fuller lashes. Honestly, I feel like it groups my lashes together and makes it look like I have less. I do like the brush though!

Now onto Set 2. My SuperSHOCK mascara does a great job at volume but falls just a bit short on length. I'm also kind of "eh" on the huge brush too. My elf mascara does absolutely nothing in the length and volume department. I guess its a good thing if you just want to add color to your light lashes? Ha ha. As for my Tarte mascara, it adds just the right amount of volume and length. My sample size is perfect for carrying around - and the name is really cute too!

Good - Pulse Perfection, SuperSHOCK, Lights Camera Lashes.
Whatever - Great Lash, 1001 Lashes.
Bad - Virtuose, elf.
My go to daily - First I apply my Pulse Perfection for length, then my SuperSHOCK for volume. I use my 1001 Lashes for my bottom lashes.


  1. Great post:)
    I really need a new mascara. Think i might check out the Pulse Perfection.
    Cute blog <3 now following you xx

  2. Great Review! Found you on luuux. You have a really nice blog and I followed you. I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. Great post!! I swear by the Avon Supershock masacara, too. I'm following :-)