Sunday, September 18, 2011

Product Rave: NARS Blushes

I'm pretty sure everyone and their mothers have heard of the brand NARS and their award winning blushes (especially their famous blush Orgasm). Even with all the hype, I was always hesitant to purchase one for myself because of the steep price of $27USD. I wasn't sure if I really ever wanted to pay that much for a blush that I'm sure I can find a dollar dupe for.

Two weeks ago or so I decided it was time to try one, and I can now say that I have found my addiction. I purchased the shade Amour (below) which is a gorgeous peachy pink color and I have worn it everyday since I've purchased it.

I love NARS packaging. I think that its very classy, sophisticated and modern. Its also very sleek and smooth feeling. They have a wonderful variety of shades offered in both matte and shimmer. The product itself is a true winner. I love the formula of their blushes. They are so soft, smooth and insanely blendable. They have amazing pigmentation that delivers a very natural, healthy look. I just placed an order for another blush in the shade Dolce Vita which I think will be perfect for fall. I'll have pictures up as soon as it arrived.

All in all, if you can splurge on one thing, this is it.
Have you tried any NARS blushes? What shades do you own? Do you love them?


  1. I'm glad you finally decided to get on the NARS blushes band wagon lol. I too was hesitant the first time I bought my first NARS blush. The price was just ridiculous. But after trying it, I was instantly hooked and thought the price was worth it. It's definitely a great investment!

  2. Amour is a pretty shade.:D

    It's great that you bought the shade that you would wear everyday - that makes the price worth it.:D I like Orgasm and Super Orgasm.

    ***** Marie *****
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