Monday, September 5, 2011

My Miracle Worker!

I have a review/rave today about  a hair-care product. Its the Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Argan Oil Styling Treatment. This product has made my hair 200% better since I've started using it. It costed me $20 at a local salon and it was well worth the price. Heres what it looks like:

I use this product in two ways. I put it in my damp hair before I blow-dry and straighten it which makes it super soft, silky and smooth (it reduces drying time - which is perfect for people with limited time!). I've never had it look and feel so healthy. I also use this by putting it in my hair after applying mouse. Its softens up the feel, loosens the curls and provides natural waves in my hair without the stiff feeling. This product hides the fact that my hair is so damaged (what a plus!), and makes my hair healthier in the long run. I've been using it for the past two or three months, and I feel that it has made a drastic difference. My hair has been growing faster, and feeling better ever since. This is going to remain one of my favorite for a long, LONG time.


  1. Great review. I've heard many good things about this product.

    By the way, you blog is really cool and I love the color and layout. It's very cute, girlie and easy on the eyes. I will follow you :)

  2. Cool...I shall check this out. Thanx for sharing :-)